About Us

Our Mission

The Pool was founded in 2021 by Naaz Eshtehardi who after ten years in practice noticed remarkable similarities in what clients were sharing with her around the challenges of finding life partners. Naaz and advisory member Dr. Julianne De Lorenzo began meeting with folks who expressed an interest in more relationship-focused coaching sessions apart from the therapy practice. Folks who wanted to be included in a Pool of emotionally ready singles that want to meet one another.


With time, we noticed immense value in a psychology-based lens towards human behavior and building high-quality relationships. These foundations can help to determine compatibility between people. So why not take some of these same foundations to create a bigger pool of invested, committed, and emotionally intelligent people seeking a relationship. At The Pool, we apply these psych-driven foundations to match our members in their journey towards finding compatible partners and fulfilling life relationships of all kinds.

Our team

Meet the experts who will help you on your dating journey.



Naaz Eshtehardi is a practicing and Licensed Clinician in New York and California. She earned two masters degrees from Columbia University, one focused on clinical assessment and the other on psychological counseling. She was driven to start The Pool to create a more thoughtful matching service that doesn’t result in defeat and swipe fatigue. 

Julianne De Lorenzo

founding advisor

Dr. Julianne De Lorenzo is a founding advisor of The Pool and longtime relationship expert. Her background in Psychology gives her unique insight into romantic compatibility and future relationship success. Dr. De Lorenzo is particularly passionate about foundational building blocks that lead to healthy relationships and families.