Is a match guaranteed

No. We are not sending you on incompatible dates for the sake of matching you with someone else in The Pool. You will find that we use a more thoughtful method of getting to know clients through thorough interviewing and understanding of who you are are and what you want. There is no algorithm that matches people based on superficial identifiers. This process is designed for people seeking deeper connections and true compatibility. While we can not guarantee that you’re perfect match will walk through the door, we can guarantee that if they do, they are committed and invested in finding a relationship after joining The Pool.

Can anyone join the Pool?

Yes. Anyone who completes three interviews with an expert coach is welcome to enter The Pool. We believe there is someone for everyone.

Please note that you must complete the full process. If it is learned at any point that you have provided false information to a coach or in a questionnaire, you will be immediately eliminated from The Pool and will not receive a refund.

Can I do more than three interviews?

Yes. We offer relationship coaching. You can opt into this irrespective of whether or not you are in the Pool. This service is available at an extra cost and can be requested at any time and is recommended but not required after you are matched.

What’s the point if a match isn’t guaranteed?

We believe that even in just three sessions with one of our expert coaches you will gain a lot of insight about yourself, how you operate in a relationship, and what you are really looking for. This information is not only helpful if you are matched in The Pool, but the coaching is a valuable tool as you navigate dating through apps and social networks.

Can I opt out of the match pool?

Yes! You can ask to be removed at any time. We will not remove and then re-add you without undergoing interviewing again. People change over time and it’s important for us to develop a current understanding of where you are in your life before trying to determine compatibility with someone else.